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  • Mine explosion proof battery

    Coal mine special explosion-proof battery has long service life and complete safety certificate. The tube type positive plate produced by die casting machine with world advanced level has greatly prolonged the battery life. The battery shell has high strength and is not easy to crack. No pollution, no exhaust gas emission in the process of use, to ensure the clean working environment.

  • Battery for electric cruise ship

    Donghai brand lead-acid batteries for ships have passed the formal approval of China Classification Society, and meet the requirements of CCS code for classification of steel sea going ships (2015) and its amendment notice, Chapter 4, chapter 1.3, e-06 (201510) CCS battery product inspection guide requirements, which are applied to power supply, internal communication and lighting of various ships, yachts and offshore platforms.

  • Explosion proof forklift battery pack

    Compared with ordinary electric forklift battery pack, explosion-proof forklift battery pack is different in production technology and material configuration. it is suitable for industrial vehicles in zone 1 and zone 2 dangerous places containing Π A and Π B, T1-T4 explosive gas and dust mixture. The explosion-proof certificate is complete, and the picture battery pack is matched with Xilin explosion-proof forklift.

  • Forklift battery

    Donghai brand traction batteries produced by Jiangsu happy power supply Co., Ltd. are widely used in DC power supply fields such as forklifts, electric stackers, electric rail flat cars, electric transport vehicles, traction locomotives and electric flat cars. They have the advantages of large capacity, long service life, less maintenance, beautiful appearance, stability and reliability.



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Jiangsu happy power supply (Lianshui) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) is invested and established by Ningbo Donghai Battery Co., Ltd. in Lianshui. It is a backbone enterprise specializing in the research, production and sales of lead-acid batteries in China. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a private scientific and technological enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

The company mainly produces high-performance dynamic lead-acid batteries, belonging to the new energy and energy-saving technology field supported by the state. The products mainly include traction lead-acid battery, starting lead-acid battery, coal mine special lead-acid battery, electric road vehicle lead-acid battery. The company's main products are high-tech products, famous brand products, with a number of invention patents...

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